Timaru, Geraldine, and Temuka Pole Sheds, Fencing, Home Maintenance and Improvements

Pole sheds, fencing, and property maintenance throughout the southern Canterbury region. Services include building decks, garden boxes, gates, carports, concrete driveways, patios, paths, and water blasting.

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Welcome to Cody Clarke Contracting, the go-to provider for all your pole sheds, fencing, and property maintenance needs in Timaru, Geraldine, and Temuka. With years of experience and a commitment to delivering top-notch craftsmanship, we pride ourselves on offering reliable, high-quality services that transform your property and meet your specific requirements. Whether you're looking to improve the functionality of your outdoor spaces or enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property, Cody Clarke Contracting is here to help.

Fence Building Example


We offer a variety of fencing options to suit both residential and agricultural needs. From classic wooden fences to robust wire and electric fencing for livestock, our solutions are designed to enhance security and clearly define your property's boundaries.

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Pole Shed Building Example

Pole Sheds

Our custom pole sheds are designed to provide versatile storage solutions that cater to both large-scale agricultural needs and smaller residential requirements. Whether you need a substantial farm pole shed for storing equipment and machinery or a compact garden shed for your tools and outdoor supplies, we build durable and reliable pole sheds tailored to your specific needs.

Garden Boxes/ Deck Building Example

Garden Boxes and Decks

Enhance your outdoor living experience with our expertly crafted decks and garden boxes. We design and build decks that provide a perfect space for relaxation and entertainment. Our custom garden boxes are ideal for growing your own vegetables and flowers, adding beauty and functionality to your garden.

Carport Building Example


Protect your vehicles from the elements with our custom-built carports. We design and construct carports that not only provide essential shelter but also enhance the overall look of your property. Whether you need a single carport or a larger structure, we can tailor the design to meet your specific needs and preferences.

Concrete Driveway Building Example

Concrete Driveways, Patios,

and Paths

Our concrete services include the installation of driveways, patios, and paths that are both durable and aesthetically pleasing. Whether you're looking for a smooth driveway, a stylish patio for outdoor gatherings, or functional pathways around your property, we deliver high-quality concrete work that stands the test of time.

Water Blasted Deck

Property Maintenance

and Improvements

We provide a range of property maintenance and improvement services to keep your home and yard in pristine condition. From water blasting to clean and rejuvenate surfaces to building custom features like garden boxes and decks, our maintenance services ensure your property remains beautiful and functional year-round.

Recent Projects

If you're looking into new fencing, pole sheds, or property maintenance, our portfolio highlights the skill and dedication we bring to each project. Discover how we've assisted homeowners and businesses throughout Timaru, Geraldine, and Temuka in elevating their properties with top-tier solutions at Cody Clarke Contracting.

Garden Pole Shed
Newly Built Carport
Pole Shed Being Built in Timaru
 Newly Built Garden Boxes
Digger Site Clearing
Newly Built Timber Fence in Geraldine
Inside of Garden Shed
Garden Shed Temuka
New Corrugated Metal Fence and Gate
Timaru Car Port

At Cody Clarke Contracting, we're committed to being your trusted experts in construction and property improvement. From the initial consultation to the finishing touches, we prioritize clear communication and transparency, ensuring that you're informed and involved every step of the way. When you choose Cody Clarke Contracting for your project, you're selecting top-notch workmanship, quality materials, and unparalleled customer service. Our team stays updated with the latest industry standards, ensuring that every project meets compliance requirements every step of the way. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and discover why we're the preferred choice for construction services in Timaru, Temuka, Geraldine and the surrounding areas.

Servicing Southern Canterbury, Timaru, Geraldine and Temuka

Cody Clarke Contracting proudly serves the Timaru, Geraldine, Temuka and the southern Canterbury region, extending our top-quality contracting services across these areas. No matter where you are located within this region, our dedicated team is ready to assist with all your pole shed, fencing, and property maintenance needs.

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So, when it comes to pole sheds, fencing, and property maintenance, why settle for anything less than the best? Choose Cody Clarke Contracting and see the difference for yourself. Contact us today to discuss your project needs, and let us help you achieve top-quality results for your property

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